You may impress me, but you'll never impress Sriram.

No one voted for her.

It's windy today, isn't it?

My family is far away.

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How much of this did you write?

We stayed in Boston for three nights.

The debate was very contentious and didn't result in any fruitful conclusions.

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You're lying again.


She was radiant with love.

There is a little water in the cup.

That's an old German custom.

We want everybody to have a good Christmas.

I'm charmed to meet you.

Izumi can't read any menu not written in English.

They gave you another chance.


Jack looks uninterested.

Uhuh, you do not believe it?

Our team gained a great victory.

The Earth is under attack by alien invaders.

Perhaps our emotions make us who we are.

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Claudio just wanted attention.

I'll do whatever I have to do.

How many days are there until Christmas?

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I haven't seen her for two months.

I'm going to go see Graeme.

Alex will answer, "Color!"


Don't forget to do your homework, OK?

I have borrowed two books.

The police found out where the criminal lived.

I thought you weren't coming back.

Tanya was looking at some girls in bikinis.

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We need to learn to work together.


After the death of his parents, his grandparents took to his education.

That's a contradiction.

The next day I came back, and I had a new waitress.

Why didn't you tell Sanford that?

The delegates voted ninety-five times without success.


He's sitting at an empty table.

I'm quite innocent.

By the way, Gunter is in town.

Tell Sanjay I'm still in a meeting.

This is always the way it has been.

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I will give you half of my ice cream.

Marek needs assistance.

Weather permitting, I'll go fishing in a river.

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Hsuan closed his eyes quickly.


Either you or he is wrong.

Anna is watching TV.

I express my cordial thanks for what you have done for this city.

Yumi's boyfriend is a bit antisocial.

The watch doesn't work.


I used to be a singer in a heavy metal band.


The government prohibits us from carrying guns without a license.

Marvin and Roxanne got married three years ago.

He is a VIP.

I'm looking forward to having some time off.

Personally, I don't think it makes any difference who wins the election.

She hid the secret from her husband all her life.

Jisheng was robbed at knife-point.

I think Skef is a liar.

Can such a thing happen again?

Eventually, Nathaniel found out what had happened.

Where can I meet you?

That's exactly what I wanted to do.

Do you think she still keeps my letters?

We have many schools.

Clyde measured out two cups of rice for the recipe.

Did you bring rolls?

Please look at that red-roofed house.

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He swept her off her feet.


There was genius in the way the girl danced.

The deeply desire needs to pay most of the price.

Tell them we're looking into it.


What do you want me to do right now?

The bank was run by private citizens.

We have to keep trying until we succeed.

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I have been to the place which she spoke of in her talk.

Suyog came home yesterday.

He is good at solving complicated mathematical problems.


Brad put the document on List's desk.


She transferred the picture in the book to her notebook.

It's hard to surprise us.

It happened two days after he had returned from Tokyo.

I always read his columns with interest.

I'm pretty hungry since I haven't eaten since early this morning.

I finished the work finally.

Where are you based now?


Lex couldn't get Catherine to leave him alone.

She caught it for coming late.

One day our children will take over our paddy planting.

They caught sight of the man among the crowd of people.

I just wanted to make sure you were all right.


The thief got in without being noticed.


That was my first visit to Japan.


Sabrina is a Red Cross volunteer.

I would often sit reading far into the night.

I'm really sick of life.

His son is yelling at him.

Harris isn't very smart, is he?

He emphasized the importance of peace.

Let's take a break for a change.

Devon is a good choice.

He said that it was important.


Go see her.

From the beginning of the Perestroika, many starry-eyed members of the intelligentsia believed that from now on, everything with us would be "like in the West".

Reaction is not always the best course of action.


I read the book from cover to cover.

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It's a small noisy apartment, but it's where I live and I call it home.


You won't have the same luck again.


In the meantime, the majority of the Germans demand that Wulff resign.


The first electric calculator came into existence toward the end of the 19th century.

He can't swim like she can.

He is mad about football.


If you want this marriage to work, you need to choose between spending time with me and working all the time.

I'll ask her a very simple question.

We can talk to them.

I can't understand anything the foreigner says.

I feel amazing.

He phoned her as soon as he came home.

Nadeem is so much older than I am.


She was always different.

He can imitate the rest of the family.

Yes, that's our manager.

You guys are sweet.

The meeting room must be able to receive all the workers of the company.

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Do you know where to go or whom to ask for information?

Ken offered Dalton a gift.

Marek and Toufic gave me that.


Now brace yourself.

What are you afraid of?

Hector is making progress.

Let's give up.

Look at the big shot.

This is a really screwed-up family.

It was ten years ago that he first came to Japan.

"You slept with her!" "I did not."

I'm traveling light.


Couldn't your translation be a little more faithful to the Japanese?

In my anxiety to pass the test, I studied all night.

Mitch was already drinking his third beer before Mikey had even finished her first.

Is that musical coming to the West End?

Brandy doesn't want to see Peter's face ever again.

Where's everyone going tonight?

She looked back on her childhood.

Things weren't going well with Dominic.

Her house was sold for ten thousand dollars.


Yamada isn't very popular with the girls in his school year, but he's popular amongst the younger students.


I wonder who wrote this note.

Can I invite Walter to dinner tonight?

A war is an awful thing.

Graeme said he'd stay there till 2:30.

Bruce left for home well over an hour ago.

I gave him what little information I had.

I'm not going to compete.

Sassan finished his drink.

I'm going to be there from Monday to Thursday.


My sight isn't good; I have to wear glasses.

He is getting fat.

Riches have wings.


Admit it, we're lost.